About us

Greetings, welcome to Headless Flywear.

We are an art focused clothing company based in London, United Kingdom - Founded in 2011.

Our goal

We intend to continually provide sustainable products at a moderate rate, hence why HF products are released on a limited bases and not restocked. Having a clean carbon footprint whilst improving the standard of today's fashion is a major objective of ours and we are achieving it. Additionally we aim to change society's viewpoint on clothing and fashion by pushing it back towards the collector's item category as opposed to today's fast fashion.

Our concept

The concept of HF is based on aviation infused with contemporary art. This began from having a love for the entire concept of aviation, how it became, how it works and how it is a key part of modern day life and exploration. This fused with contemporary art gives us the space to be able to create different way of expressing our understand of the concept and adapting it our own theme and ideas.

Headless Flywear has gone from a single seed in London, to an internationally known and highly credible producer of timeless wearable art that is non-gender specific.

HF Til' Infinity

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